“How to get loyal high-ticket customers and referrals without being uncomfortable or experiencing rejection.”
Join Roger Deveau in this conversation with guest expert Troy Steine about The Natural Persuasion Sales Method. 
 Troy is the founder of Strategic Selling Systems and has helped his clients sell hundreds of millions of dollars in high-ticket offers. 

“Troy Steine has a way of selling that doesn't feel like selling at all. And that's what's so unusual and great about his process. He radiates a no-pressure helpfulness in his follow-ups that I personally find irresistible. And every time I listen to Troy, I pick up some new, incredibly valuable tip that I believe would help anyone who sells anything. If you want to learn how to sell without turning off your prospects, and by making them feel truly respected, then Troy is your guy.”

-B. Mueller

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In This Conversation We will cover:

Stand Out From The Crowd

Learn how to instantly separate yourself from 95% of the competition and never have to compete on price again!

Sell Without 'Selling'

Learn how to build true credibility while being 100% yourself in a fun and comfortable way that will have your prospects begging to work with you! 

Get Clients On Autopilot

Learn the simple framework that will get you long-term repeat customers that refer others and are an absolute pleasure to work with. 
Whether you are a coach, consultant, course creator, or affiliate, the most expensive part of growing your business is the cost of acquiring a new customer. Join us for this live conversation where we will share with you a simple yet extremely effective way to start immediately increasing the number of high-quality sales you are getting in your business. 

“Troy practices and teaches the most elegant and authentic type of salesmanship you'll encounter.
He is an absolute delight to work with. A true master! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-A Helmstadter

Your Hosts:

Roger Deveau

Roger is a strategic marketer who specializes in helping people turn their knowledge and experiences into products that can change lives. He is passionate about showing people how they can start their own business without spending a lot of time or money.

Troy Steine

Troy comes from a background of 25+ years in the sales and marketing of premium products, programs and services, helping clients sell hundreds of millions of dollars of their offers and products, as well as training other sales professionals and entrepreneurial service providers to do the same. 
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